Monday, September 15, 2008

"Morgan Beth" - My Granddaughter

This is Morgan in graphite. She's is six years old, she's all girl, and she loves to paint as much as I do-we paint together quite a bit.

I took this image from a photograph.....In it she's wearing her favorite, yellow headband, and smiling "cheese" for the camera. Her mom hasn't seen this yet so I'm posting it as a birthday surprise for her. "Happy Birthday, Karen!"

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Amy's Place said...

she came out beautifully. Looks just like Morgan, especially her eyes and smile. Really great work, Mum. I think Karen will be touched and will love this.


Kathleen said...

Tracey what a lovely bunch of posts I'm partial to portraits and think this one is so very nice -

I was so touched by your comment regarding the poem and the angel - That is why I love the poem so much -