Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Ornamental Grass w/Fencepost" - Buckeye Lake, OH

I haven't posted a "study" in quite awhile (since I first began posting), but I felt the need to post this one because it was so difficult for me to execute.
It took me much longer to sketch than I had guessed, but the time was well spent. I came away feeling that from it I've acquired a new understanding for "negative" space within a sketch.

"Old Reservation" - Lexington, MA

"Old Reservation" is the result of a first attempt at using pallette knives and heavy body acrylics for a vurtually
"brushless" landscape.

Mt. Hood Golfcourse - below - has a few
knife-work flowers painted into it, and when I tried it I was immediately hooked on the way the paint went to the canvas panel with a knife (as opposed to a brush). The foliage in this painting was done with a large brush, but the balance of it is done with knives.

.......totally different feel.

"Pond at Mt. Hood Golfcourse" - Melrose - MA

"My Brother's Backyard"-Granville, OH