Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am proud to present my grandson, Samuel's, elementary school diorama which depicts the Sonoran Desert and some examples of wildlife living in it.  The Sonoran Desert is practically his backyard.  I told my son, his Dad,  Michelangelo may need to step aside!  The Saguaro cactus jumps right out at me.  I say job well done, Sam.  Very creative....


Lately, I lean toward exploring abstract expression.  One of my daughter's calls this creepy (in a good way).  The other really likes it. My Son thinks I'm onto do I.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Out of longing to escape the dark, flat composition for the first of these last three posts...I broke out with this one....I really, really like it!
This one came, it seemed, out of no where.  On second thought the color palette suggests that on my mind is my son, Eric; in Arizona.  He will earn a master's degree, and I'll be visiting there in June to celebrate with him and the family.

Suddenly makes sense.  He tells me that the winding pathway/waterway prevails in all of my compositions.  He's correct.  I am trying to learn to carry the viewers eye through the picture.  I obviously lack the subtlety of the masters.  It's all about brush time...

This project is one I have been struggling with over these past few months.......I am still not happy.  My son says I should post especially for this reason.  I can't seem to givr it any light and depth.  Help!?