Monday, September 15, 2008

"Moonlit Stroll After a Storm"

I painted this one a couple of weeks ago. At the time, I didn't feel it post-worthy, but at the last minute decided it's not a bad thing to post paintings that aren't my favorite. Every Day Matters is the best place to get ideas about what I could have done to make it better, and there's no way to get their input if I don't post.....

I'm not exactly sure what it is I don't like about this one, but I was in love with the idea when I did it. Perhaps I got carried away with the reds, or the compostion is too dark. My daughter Amy and I were sitting at the table trying to decide what to paint when she asked if I had ever tried using black pastel paper. It occurred to me that I had not, and, voila!!

I still think the idea was a good one ... just not the best execution effort. What do you think could have made it nicer? I'd appreciate the input as I intend to try again. Thanks...


Amy's Place said...

So glad that you decided to post this one. I know it was not your favorite when you were working on it. Yes, it goes darker then you normally go with your pieces and you gave it a little hope with colors you brought to the composition that were drained out in the sadness i feel the piece originally communicated. You did a great great job.


Kathleen said...

I do think it has a sad or melancholy feel to it with the man's back to the light -I think black is difficult to work on- I have a couple of disasters on black - I like this piece it's very moody and maybe mysterious

Robert said...

There's something different about this painting. It really stands out.

The way the light hits the path.... that's what catches my eye first. The choice of colors... is great.

This may not be one of your favorites.... but it certainly is one of mine.

Anonymous said...

hey mum :)
I have to admit, i really like this one. It really reminds me of a scene from Harry Potter .. the man walking alone being Hagrid, and he's walking the grounds of Hogwart's to his quarters on the edge of the forbidden forest In the background, you see the whomping willow. I love it. It's really how I imagined Harry Potter when I read the books before I saw the movies.

I think it's well done.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

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