Monday, January 2, 2012

"Imaginary Waterfall"

Practice, practice, practice.....respecting brush time....

I'm going to post to Yahoo's Everydaymatter's art group, of which I have been a member for some time now.  The groups is always generous with positive feedback.  I'm thinking .... lack of aerial perspective, improper shading (depicting rocks is a PAIN !!), and overall coloration are why I don't like it. 

It was still fun to do because painting with Amy is always fun !!


......done for my nephew, Anthony, upon his request. He asked me to paint a poster relative to the movie "Drive" - so the name of the piece. When Anth saw the movie around September, last year, he was inspired. I showed him some of my other work recently, and from that he asked me to paint. It's a preliminary pastel sketch done to get a feel for the final piece.

The image was taken directly from the movie. It's straight forward so I "skewed the view" for interest. When I showed it to him .... he liked it.

It's posted here because I jumped out of my comfort zone to get's much different from typical subject matter.

Thanks Anth, for always having faith in my work and for helping it grow. I love you very much. xoxoxo