Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Azul" - Impressionist Horse's Head

My daughters and I were painting together yesterday; we haven't in a very long time and were all really enjoying the opportunity. The girls painted flowers on used, empty glass bottles. I wondered what I was going to work on so decided to mill around in my "stuff" to see what would inspire.

I had been working with "splash painting" and had leftover splash backgrounds I hadn't used. Lately, horses have been strong in my mind to attempt to depict, but the many line drawings I tried just weren't working. I pulled out one of the empty splash backgrounds and immediately saw in the brush strokes the outline of this horse staring back at me. I immediately put to working on it.

The outcome is surprising because the palatte is random and "out of the box". Have you ever seen a horse with pink eyelids and a blue neck? My hands were obviously leading ........ so, I followed. I never went in with so little thought to composition and I worked with my fingers, brushes and palette knives .... felt wonderful !!

I gifted it to Amy for her living room...she fell in love with him. Amanda approved, as well.

Please feel free to comment. It's helpful and inspires me when you do....