Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Imaginary Sunset"

This was my first experiment painting sunset silhouettes. say the least.
I spent lots more time than I thought I'd need to depicting mountains silhouetted against fading sunlight ...... water mirroring all.
Whenever I see artwork or photographs done this way I'm captivated; so, finally tried it. to keep at it to get it just right, but I had a great time working on it. I call it "imginary" sunset because the end result looks nothing like where I was when I started the project.
It would be helpful to hear what you think and to get feedback on what would make the next one better. Thanks.


Amy's Place said...

Wow. The sunset and sky are mirrored perfectly on the body of water. What's interesting to me, as well, is the seperating mountain range in black. It almost divides it perfectly even. This piece could be displayed in more then one way. Awsome palette, belnding and shading. Another great one. Go Mummer !!!!


Anonymous said...

Really cool.

Kathleen said...

extremely extremely --- did I say extremely nice! I love sunrise at my house it often looks like this

Anonymous said...

hey mummer...

I really like this one.
THe colors are so inviting to me.
Keep it up :)
Love you