Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Black Horse" - Splash Painting

Yet another splash painting .... this one is gone wild !
I am happy about this piece for a couple of reasons. The first is the subject matter. I have appreciated horses for a long time. It started as a young girl with picture books. The passion moved to local trail riding and then to mucking stalls for free riding lessons. Learning about tacking up western saddle and eventually riding bare back on a gorgeous, huge Belgian; Bob, is where I left off years ago. Beautiful memories.

The other reason I enjoy this piece is that when the "splashing" was dry I went quickly with light blue violet and a long handled filbert. In a very short time I traced/sketched in the image; the head and mane of a black horse. Wow !

When I showed this piece to my family my daughter immediately claimed it, and now it hangs, of all places, in her kitchen.

Please share what you think of it with a comment. Thank you for stopping in.....