Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My latest pastel attempt.....I hope you enjoy it.

I've been watching birds for some time now, and heron have always been a favorite. About ten years ago I lived in Lawrence, MA; an old mill town. The Merrimac River runs right through Lawrence. This once majestic river is recovering from the assault of dyes dumped into it when the mills were most productive. I'm happy to say that the wildlife is slowly returning with it.

I had a favorite "perch" back then and often watched cormorants, blue herons, egrets; all types of water fowl. One afternoon I was taking in the view, and in the distance an American Eagle came into view! I couldn't believe my eyes! His wing-span was massive. Occasionally tipping his wings he glided along the length of the river just a few feet above the water. I watched in silent awe for as long as the eye could see....breathtaking!

It's ironic that this gorgeous natural scene unfolded before me in the center of an old, now down-trodden industrial city. I feel lucky and grateful to have been able to capture this wonderful memory from such a dismal place.

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