Friday, January 25, 2008

Two Preliminary Sketches - Acrylic Desert Landscape Project for Anthony

These two pieces have been posted to show Anthony (my nephew) the process, and for him to see that I am working on the project he challenged me to. They are preliminary studies for the final acrylic desert landscape I promised to paint for him.
The colored pastel sketch was done to help me w/tone placement and pallette choices for the final painting, and the graphite sketch was done to imprint a plan in my mind for composition.
I show my art blog to the family as often as I can because I'm trying to get them involved in creative expression (perhaps inspire them to give it a try). I believe that the drive to express creatively is hereditary, and I'm interested to see who else in my family (besides my daughters and me) has it......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Twilight - Browse at Water's Edge"

This is one of my older acrylic on canvas projects that I gifted to my husband before he became my husband. I have tried to convince him to allow me to change this piece in an attempt to improve it, but he won't let me touch it. I post it now to show a comparison in technique, compostion and pallette from then to now. Comments are always welcomed.