Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blue Pedal Pond

Back to basics.....

This one was just for me and is hanging in my living room.

I am so happy that I was able to capture the stems of this plant thru the pedals. When I saw this image (a calendar picture) I knew I just had to "play" with it to see if I could capture the view, with pastels, and keep it from getting muddy. It worked so I had to share it.

I'm hoping you will like it as much as I do....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mixed Media Study - Oil Pastel, Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

This painting is not a finished painting. I'm posting it now to create the opportunity to see it this way as compared to what it will be when it's finished.
I am excited about this because it started out as a quick splash painting w/thalo blue and gesso, and it's a landscape (my favorite). I slowly worked in watercolor and oil pastels to get it to where it is now. I am still waiting for it to dry completely.
I plan to work in darker tones to create arial perspective, and to omit the tree trunk in the lower right corner.

"Moonlit Lady w/ Spanish Moss" - v.2 - Blue Splash Painting Study

"Goin' to Play Baseball" - Splash Painting Study

"Black Evergreens"

"Pastel Meadow"