Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This is my latest effort with respect to working out how to  paint horses.  I sketched him during a lazy, Sunday a week or two back, and I'm encouraged with the result.

I complained when I posted "Azul" because I couldn't get satisfaction with line drawings.  I think perhaps "Azul" helped to provide courage and confidence for this attempt.  Ultimately, I'd like to produce an acrylic rendition which resembles this sketch.

Please don't be afraid to add a comment using the link.  I rely on your input to  improve.


Patsy Taylor-Craw said...

Well done! I am anxious to see what is next.

Christie said...

Improve? I can't think how. This sketch seems perfect just as it is!

Barbara B said...

Gorgeous! This is really wonderful.

Mary said...

Realistic, wonderful, soulful. You must have a passion for horses. They have a free spirit just like you.

Love, love, love it so much.


meegan said...

your horse series is great - really like the impressionist version. And the way you push experimentation with paint.