Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Girl in a Sunbonnet" -

This is taken directly from a lithographed image on an octagonal cookie tin gifted to me by my favorite aunt.  Mom, Aunt Rose, Aunt Edie and I planned a "day with the girls", and after a great lunch we went back to Aunt Rose's place to visit a while longer.  I was admiring the beautiful things she has collected over the years (she loves yard sales and flea markets) when the tin caught my eye.  I asked her about it and she offered it to me!!   
Compared to the original image this depiction seems "cartoonish", but she is so charming I enjoyed sketching it immensely.


Stew Crowther said...

Hello Tracey,
I saw your post on EDM so I thought I would pop round to see you :-)
Cartoonish??? Nooo. Never.
I love it, it's lovely.
Great blog.

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