Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Sky in a River

This piece is done with heavy body acrylics on canvas panel.
The more I work with heavy body paint, the more I like it. I've worked on it for the past few months, and painted and repainted the grasses on the right. Oddly enough, the grass was the toughest to depict. There is an insect in plain view. Can you find it?

This image is from within me, and it was done to depict the sky from within the river. I fell in love with the idea that the sky can be shown from the bottom of an image, and have it still make sense to the mind's eye.

This one was a labor of love; specifically painted for my best friend. I have yet to turn it over to him because he lives far away from me. I've wanted him to see it for months, and it occurred to me that this is the best way to let him see it and to get opinions from you about it. Bobby, I hope you like it !

Please leave a comment. Did you find the grasshopper?


nanke's stuff said...

It's beautiful! nancy

Anonymous said...

The finished piece is absolutely incredible. You have definately perfected the reflected images. Incredible job. It was well worth all th months you have put into this.

Anonymous said...

You betchure arse!!!!

I am happy to finally see it up along with others who get to view it now. A dreamy scene. Great job!

Love yew


raena said...

It is beautiful!

Mary said...

Ah my friend, You know how much I absolutely love your work. You take so much time and reflection in your work. (no pun intended)LOL. This piece is no exception. Simply a peaceful scene. I could look at it all day and daydream. Miss you my friend.

Love Mare