Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Dave's Happy Place" - Somewhere in Connecticut

As my profile states, I am a deskside technician for a large corporation. The project lead at work, Dave Carroll, posted a photograph of this; his favorite resting place (somewhere in Connecticut) out on FaceBook. I advertise my blog on FaceBook and was perusing when I came upon it. I immediately asked his permission to paint it, and he gave me the go-ahead. I started with this sketch to get an idea for the acrylic painting.

This one's for you, Dave. I'm still working on the acrylic piece; it should be done by sometime next year (at this rate). :o) The painting is taking so long I thought I'd surprise you with the pastel version here on my blog. Thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful image my way.

Let me know what you think...Just click on the "comment" hyperlink below the posted piece.

Luv ya,


Anonymous said...

Very nice! The cane or whatever in the foreground sticks out. What is that thing?

Tracey Latorelli said...

I'm sure it's used to dock a row boat, a tube, or who knows?

Jeff Knecht said...

Such great colors! I can see why this is Dave's favorite place, especially that time of year. You've done a wonderful job on this.

Amy's Place said...

This is such an accurate depiction of your friend's happy place. Very nice job...especially on the body of water. Your works just keep getting better as you go.

Proud of you.

xoxoxo said...

Acrylic paining of yours seems to be the most fortunate one! I love it and would like to wish you further inspiration and desire to work on such masterpieces!