Friday, January 18, 2008

"Tudor Barn" - The Fells, Stoneham, MA

......yet another try at watercolor - from a photo taken during a nature walk I took in a local park during this past summer. The building has been in this spot for about two hundred years. I grew up in this area and never knew it was there. Neat surprise.....


Rick Frizzell said...

This is very good Trace.
I know very little about art,
But the reflection of sunlight and
shading clearly feels like summer.

For what it is worth

BMoon said...

I think you are doing a beautiful job, Tracey. Lots of bright color....I'm not qualified to answer your question, but what i see in watercolor that stands out for me personally, is the lovely air, the breathing space, the empty spaces...that, is part of that lovely mystery of watercolor art.

Anonymous said...

My favorite painting of yours. You have to get me a print of this one too. It will hang above my fireplace along side the other you sent. -Eric