Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Picnic by the Lake"


Michael Emerald said...

Nice work Tracey.

You did an incredibly good job on the figures. I wish the grass had more texture, that would be my wish. But the foliage, the bark, even the water more than make up. Biggest suggestion is to drop the words "from a photograph". Who cares where it came from? Unless it's from another painting, that is. I think it unjustly takes away a lot from your praise by including that. After all, had you been at the actual scene, and snapped your own photo and even sketched some of it, would you still include that clause? Thank you for painting this.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite pieces.....It draws my eyes to it, over and over. I enjoy how it makes me feel when I view it.

Anonymous said...

I feel the warmth and hear the laughter your group share when I look at this piece work. It reminds me of Salem Willows. Very peaceful!! -Eric